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Quick Pick Lockout Service, LLC BBB Business Review


MrQuickPick® Hartford, CT is the premier roadside assistance provider for Hartford County in the beautiful state of Connecticut.


providing the nation’s best customer service

MrQuickPick® is a well-respected, nationwide brand that is licensed throughout the United States with protected terrioritories. As individual owners, we are deeply invested in providing the nation’s best customer service, always using the industry’s best practices for Roadside Assistance and serving our community with the utmost respect.


  • This dude totally knows his stuff! He was the only guy that could unlock my car. Don’t waste your time with other people. Call Mr. Quick Pick of Hartford, CT right this minute!

    Gary P.
    Gary P. Avon, CT
  • On a dark, rainy night, I hit a curb and my tire blew out. I called Mr. Quick Pick of Hartford, CT - he arrived in 15 minutes and finished within 15 minutes. This is the best roadside assistance that I’ve ever had in my lifetime! Thank you again!

    Barbara M
    Barbara M Vernon, CT
  • Caring and reliable service! Mr. Quick Pick of Hartford, CT was super fast to arrive, completed the work with a high level of professionalism and had me heading down the road in no time!

    Ivette S
    Ivette S Hartford, CT
  • Super cool guy! I was out of diesel fuel & he brought the right kind of container.

    David L
    David L Windsor, CT

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